Sunday, January 15, 2017

RoboCop's mouth

Its interesting that none of the successive actors after Weller even closely resembled Weller, not even with mouth which is an area that the actor works with with the character. Peter Weller was chosen for a lot of reasons, but one of them was also because, according to Paul Verhoeven, he had an interesting face, he was very Mannequin-like which fit the character. Weller had an almost feminine, short but thick lips and an elongated face, which placed his lips higher up.
Every actor after Weller had completely different, wide and thin lips forming a bitter arch shape, and were closer to the chin as oppose to Weller's which were closer to the helmet line. That's one of the reasons why other actors just never looked right in the gear, they looked alike among themselves, but completely different from Peter. Therefore, they looked like someone dressed as Robocop rather than the Robocop.

Monday, March 3, 2014

RoboCop Against Drugs?

There have been some (rare) claims that the Robocop movies carry an antidrug message to some extent, however that seems to be far from the actual truth. Even putting aside the fact that, after decades and countless interviews none of the filmmakers ever mentioned or hinted an antidrug messages, there is nothing in the movie that would support that claim.

The first two RoboCop movies are a hard R material, presenting a dark and dystopian world, filled with corruption, greed, murder, prostitution and - heavy drug use - it's a part of the crime scene and dark environment. In the first movie most of the characters use coke, and they use it heavily. From corporate guys like Bob Morton to gang/drug dealers such as Clarence's gang, coke is an ever present drug in the film. As a matter of fact, the movie's major shootout scene takes place in a coke factory.
The scene was never meant to be an antidrug imagery, and in fact was an homage to western movies, showing a "new sheriff cleaning up the town". There is a shot of Robocop stepping over and crushing the vials of cocaine, but the meaning of that image is that of a triumph of law and justice, justice trumping over crime

The drugs, or in the case of the first movie, cocaine, is ever present throughout the movie with the villainous characters sniffing coke of small vials throughout the film

In the second film, as in the first, drugs are omnipresent, although this time the main drug is a fictional designer drug called Nuke. It is puzzling that, simply because the movie centers around drug lords and heavy drug use and Robocop is fighting them, that there is a claim of some sort of antidrug message in the film, whichm, as far as drug use in the story, is no different that what cocaine was in the first. A shot of Robocop yet again crushing a drug is shown.

There is nothing that would indicate that drugs are bad in the movie other than Duffy and Angie's "hunger pains", and there are no consequences of drug use shown. Just the opposite, everyones actually shown as feeling really good and enjoying those, even the RoboCop II monster gets a high and all the hydraulics raise him by the end when he is enjoying the ecstasy and comfort of his drug.

RoboCop 3 is completely drug free

Perhaps what could give some the idea of the movies or at least one of the movie's being an antidrug message is the PSA from Peter Weller that he did in 1990 in conjunction with promoting the movie

Sunday, January 2, 2011

The Delta City problem


In the beginning of RoboCop, the Old Man says that Delta City will begin construction in 6 months.
Much later in the movie, when Robocop is on his way to Jones' office, he enters Delta City under construction  - it's even confirmed to be Delta City in the special features from the 20th Anniversary edition by a matte painter who did the shot, Rocco Gioffre, confirming it's Delta City. It can be found on the Special Effects section of the DVD: "There's a wide shot of Delta City when Robocop's car is driving away from camera" and the above mentioned shot is shown. 

Take a closer look, there's a construction going on on the left and that at least 3 skyscrapers are still under construction. Gioffre isn't the only source confirming that this is indeed Delta City. 1987's Cinefantastique magazine confirms it as well

Now the problems begin - the next day Jones tells Clarence that Delta City begins construction in 2 months...oversight?



Now lets move on to RoboCop 2. Even if we ignore that we've already seen Delta City being raised and if we only take the 2 months comment, then it seems like the construction was postponed for some reason. The movie takes place about a year after the original, and Delta City is still just a blueprint. RoboCop II is built to clean up the city from crime for the construction, and OCP still needed to foreclose and take the city private in order to greenlight the project 


Now RoboCop 3. Its hard to tell how much time have passed, but we have different hairdo on Lewis again and Reed and Johnson visibly aged. That, and now we see OCP in serious trouble and on its last knees, and partially owned by Kanemitsu, and with new CEO and with Johnson as Vice President. All that must've taken a lot of time. And yet, Delta City is still not ready and rehabs are forcing people out of their homes in order for demolition to begin, and here's when things get even more confusing - so the whole point of rehabs is to make Cadillac Heights clear for demolition...well, didn't they start the demolition already within the first few minutes of the movie?