Wednesday, December 8, 2010

RoboCop 3's Homages to RoboCop

Fred Dekker: "I loved the first picture (...) I wanted to pay homage to Verhoeven"

Bixby Snider returns. However, the phrase in the first movie is "I'd buy that for a dollar!", while the phrase in RoboCop 3 is "I'll buy that for a dollar!"

Lewis chewing gum

The CEO touches upon Old Man's dream speech while standing next to the Delta City model. In RoboCop, the model was shown when the Old Man started the "I had a dream" speech

Johnson sucking up to the chairman by starting clapping alone is reminiscent of what Bob Morton did in RoboCop

Unresponsive Robocop startling Lewis with spike. During the flashback to that scene, the music playing in the background while Robocop is looking for suspects is the same as the one from the original movie when he's looking for Emil's identity

A shot introducing the Metro West Police headquarter followed by a suspect and his attorney on Reed's back

The return of Cecil

The whole operation, or rebirth shown from Robo's POV, also with accidental, accidental screw up and presentation of a part

The interrogation scene is a recreation of Clarence's arrest scene, down to the same camera angles

RoboCop breaks his visor in a fight with an artificial opponent

Then theres a scene with the two rehabs pushing the girl around. You get a similar shot with the big shadow on the wall as you did with the rape attempt scene in RoboCop.

Immobilized and reaching for the bomb

The ending is a negative of the original ending
-Nice shooting, son. What's your name?
RoboCop 3:
 -What do they call you? Murphy, isn't it?
-My friends call me Murphy. You can call me...Robocop

RoboCop 3 also marks the return of SUX, silver armor, and Basil Poledouris 


  1. Immitation, no soul. Look at Murphy's face at the end of Robocop. That's a damn reborn man with a machine body. It's Murphy!

  2. I can't be the only one who noticed...the catchphrase of Bixby in RoboCop was

    "I'd buy that for a dollar!"

    and in Robocop 3 it's

    "I'll buy that for a dollar"

    Maybe it was intentional, and a reference to a new variation, but I honestly think they just made a mistake.

  3. "Imitation, no soul", so true

  4. Oooh, this is the same Anonymous who said the Dollar thing. I think that the scene in RoboCop 3 where RoboCop uses his jetpack at OCP (injuring McDaggat's legs), then McDaggat stumbles to disarm the bomb, is ripped off, I mean, a homage to the Bob Morton murder in RoboCop.

  5. I've never seen RoboCop 3, but I have RoboCop 1 memorized.

    "I'll Buy That For a Dollar" was said at the very end of the convenience store scene.

    "Thank you for your cooperation. Good night."
    "I'll buy that for a dollar, yahhaa!"